Your Name: Uriel Pablo Chareca
Home town & country: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Current position and workplace: Strategic Data Analyst, DigitasLBI, Copenhagen, Denmark
Education at LiU: MSc in Statistics and Data mining
Graduation year: 2014

How come you chose LiU and Sweden and was your expectations met? 

I found LiU while searching for programmes on Statistics and was impressed by its courses. I have never thought I would be living in Scandinavia, and when the opportunity arrived I was convinced instantly; Sweden is famous for its innovative approach and living standards. I was really looking forward to spend some time knowing a different culture and going back to school after a few year of professional work. LiU surpasses all my expectations with it great combination of study environment and curricula.
The programme was really good, as an interesting introduction to many statistical methods and practice and I had great professors who promoted their love for statistics.

What surprised/impressed you the most? What is different about LiU? What do you value the most?

LiU campus and student life was the thing that surprised me the most. I was used to live and study in a big city as Buenos Aires, where there was no real campus but separated big faculty buildings. At LiU I spent all my days in an amazing campus with top class study rooms, labs and libraries, sharing activities with students from different programmes and backgrounds. I was involved in student associations and helped organise many events and trips.
I loved living in a dorm, sharing my day-to-day life with Swedes and exchange students. I made great friends and we are still in touch for future adventures together.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your time at LiU? What would you say to future students on the programme?

I would recommend future students to try to do an Erasmus semester to enhance their master experience. Also, when looking for thesis work, don't wait till last minute and don't be shy; send tons of emails to interesting companies and think outside the box (both in terms of location and line of work). I did my thesis as an internship at a start up in Copenhagen working with digital media, but had offers from Paris and Malmo.