Chinese businesswoman shakes hands with collaborator.

Chinese for Business Purposes, 7.5 credits

Summer 2024, One-quarter-time, Distance

Have you learned some Chinese and want to further develop your skills to make them practically useful in business?

This course aims to build upon your basic knowledge of Chinese (equivalent to approximately 300 hours of study) and develop it for communicative purposes in business contexts. The course covers both spoken and written Chinese and is intended as preparation for the Business Chinese Test (BCT) or similar exams.

The course's objective is for the student to enhance their language proficiency to meet the requirements of BCT Level A. However, please note that the course and the exam are separate entities; the exam itself is not included in the course, and the course is assessed independently of BCT.

The course is entirely conducted online, featuring lessons and self-study components. Participation in the course assumes access to an internet-connected computer. Interaction between the teacher and course participants occurs both individually and in group settings through video lessons and a communication forum.

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