Academic English Basic Course, 7.5 credits

Spring 2024, One-quarter-time, Linköping

Closed for late application

Academic English Basic Course, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2024, One-quarter-time, Linköping

Will open for late application 15 July 2024

Academic English Basic Course, 7.5 credits

Spring 2025, One-quarter-time, Linköping

This course, Academic English, Foundation Course, is aimed at you who wish to improve your academic English skills, primarily your writing skills. The course will help you get better equipped for writing academic papers in English and become a more confident student when it comes to reading and speaking English. We work with these skills by studying things such as the process of academic writing and how one can substantiate one’s views by the use of secondary sources. Furthermore, we work with improving grammar skills, reading skills and we also work with helping you become more confident in speaking English and present material in front of others. Last but not least, your listening skills will also be improved through the course work we do.

Studying via distance