Swedish for Foreign Students - Level A2, Distance course, 7.5 credits

Swedish for Foreign Students - Level A2, Distance course, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2019, One-quarter-time, Ortsoberoende

Closed for late application

Swedish for Foreign Students - Level A2, Distance course, 7.5 credits

Spring 2020, One-quarter-time, Ortsoberoende

This is an online Swedish course intended for students with knowledge of Swedish equivalent to the Intensive Beginner’s Course in Swedish or Beginner’s course in Swedish, level A1. Students will improve their Swedish language proficiency and broaden their knowledge of Swedish society. They will also acquire a deeper knowledge of important basic grammar as well as an elementary working vocabulary. After having completed the course, you should have basic knowledge of Swedish – A2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We meet approximately once a week in a virtual classroom – an Adobe Connect-room. Before each Adobe Connect-session you need to work with the corresponding course book chapter on your own using a Step-by-Step guide and prepare the assignments listed in the guide. The Step-by-Step guides, the pre-recorded lectures and all other material you need throughout the course (except the course books and the corresponding audio files) are available in the Linköping University learning platform Lisam (lisam.liu.se). The course books used are Rivstart A1-A2 – Textbook (ISBN: 9789127434202) and Exercise book (ISBN: 9789127434219).

There are eleven Adobe Connect-sessions (10 chapters + introduction) but only one of the sessions is obligatory – the one where you have an obligatory oral assignment. There are 4 obligatory assignments in total (2 written assignments, 1 short film and 1 oral assignment).

In order to take part in the course you must have a computer with a stable internet connection, a headset (preferably USB) and a web cam so you can communicate with sound and image. Do a diagnostic test (link below) to ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to be able to participate in the Adobe Connect-sessions. If you do not pass this test, you will not be able to participate in the course. 


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