Megagame - Design for Sustainable Development in the light of Climate Change, 6 credits

Spring 2024, One-quarter-time, Distance

Are you working with sustainability issues and would like to learn how to communicate strategies for societal change to a wider audience? Or would you like to learn more about the ways in which society will have to change in response to climate change and other connected challenges? 

This course lets participants explore ideas of how a region of society can transform to become a sustainable society in light of climate change. Will technology be important, or behavioural change? What roles will politics, companies and social groups play? We will engage in a large-scale role-playing simulation and adapt it to include changes and effects that we think are as vital to consider during the transformation of society. At the end, the course features an open event where participants facilitate a Megagame and study the outcome. 

After the course, participants will have a better understanding of how to work with stakeholders necessary for societal change towards a sustainable development, and get to practice how to use games to communicate different strategies for change with different stakeholders.

There will be a few occasions during the course where we will participate in and lead a Megagame in larger groups. You may participate at a distance or on campus but participation is obligatory. There will be up to four occasions of 4 hours each which can be scheduled at mixed hours.