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Abdelazim Hussien

PhD student



Yaning Xiao, Hao Cui, Abdelazim Hussien, Fatma A. Hashim (2024) MSAO: A multi-strategy boosted snow ablation optimizer for global optimization and real-world engineering applications Advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol. 61, Article 102464 Continue to DOI
Heming Jia, Xuelian Zhou, Jinrui Zhang, Laith Abualigah, Ali Riza Yildiz, Abdelazim Hussien (2024) Modified crayfish optimization algorithm for solving multiple engineering application problems Artificial Intelligence Review, Vol. 57, Article 127 Continue to DOI
Malik Braik, Mohammed A. Awadallah, Hussein Alzoubi, Heba Al-Hiary, Abdelazim Hussien (2024) Adaptive dynamic elite opposition-based Ali Baba and the forty thieves algorithm for high-dimensional feature selection Cluster Computing Continue to DOI
Davut Izci, Serdar Ekinci, Abdelazim Hussien (2024) Efficient parameter extraction of photovoltaic models with a novel enhanced prairie dog optimization algorithm Scientific Reports, Vol. 14, Article 7945 Continue to DOI
Arunita Das, Buddhadev Sasmal, Krishna Gopal Dhal, Abdelazim Hussien, Prabir Kumar Naskar (2024) Particle Swarm Optimizer Variants for Multi-level Thresholding: Theory, Performance Enhancement and Evaluation Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering Continue to DOI