Software and Systems (SAS)

The Division of Software and Systems is part of the Department of Computer and Information Science. The division conducts research and education in software engineering and computer systems.

A person sits in front of a computer screen and handles a floor robot Photo credit Jonas Järmen Research and education are conducted in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Models and Environments
  • Software and System Modelling and Simulation
  • System Software
  • Embedded/Cyberphysical Software/Hardware Systems
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Real-Time Systems and System Dependability
  • Parallel and Distributed Software and Systems
  • Software and System Verification and Testing


The research activities covers both basic research and projects in cooperation with industry - projects are or have been conducted in cooperation with ABB Robotics, ABB Industrial Systems, Ericsson Softlab AB, Ericsson Radio Systems, Ericsson Telecom, SKF, Saab, Saab Dynamics, Saab Combitech and several other companies.

Hands on laptop keyboard, a circuit board in the background Photo credit Jonas Järmen
In addition, the research activities include several long-term open-source system development efforts, such as the OpenModelica framework for object-oriented equation-based modeling and simulation of cyberphysical systems, and the SkePU high-level programming framework for heterogeneous parallel systems.

Nine full professors, eight associate/assistant professors and several postdocs are involved in the research together with about 25 graduate students. 

Students listening to a teacher pointing to an example at a big screen. Photo credit Jonas Järmen

The SaS Seminars is a permanent series of open seminars with topics related to research at the division.

Research is conducted in three laboratories

Embedded Systems (ESLAB)
Codesign and design for testability of embedded/cyberphysical hardware/software systems and formal methods for embedded systems.

Programming Environments (PELAB)
Software engineering tools and architectures, large-scale software engineering, model-based software engineering, programming languages and systems, including compilers, debuggers, testing tools, and programming tools for parallel, distributed and real-time systems.

Real Time Systems (RTSLAB)
Dependable systems and networks, including reliability, safety and security, resource efficiency with respect to computation capacity, memory, bandwidth and energy.


The division accounts for a significant share of the department's comprehensive undergraduate and master-level education activities, operating about 70 undergraduate/master-level courses per year as well as providing final-thesis supervision.Group of students working on computers.. Photo credit Jonas Järmen
The undergraduate teaching activities are jointly carried out by the researchers and by the UPP education group for programming and programming didactics, which consists of about ten full-time university teachers and many teaching assistants.

Doctoral studies are offered in the field of Computer Science.  

News at SAS

News and major articles

Power generation in an illustrated landscape

Open Modelica helping to solve complex societal issues

OpenModelica is a free tool, partially developed at Linköping University, to model and simulate complex systems. It is an open-source system, which enables many actors to contribute and benefit companies and society.

Chu Wanjun visar för gruppen vilka frukter roboten kan känna igen just nu. I förgrunden ligger en apelsin.

Minister for Energy and Digital Development visits IDA

On Wednesday, 20 april 2022, the minister for digital development Khashayar Farmanbar visited the Department of Computer and Information Science together with the Linköping municipal councillor Mari Hultgren.

Computer turned on with colorful light.

30 million in grant for developing software for smart technology

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning, SSF) has given SEK 30 million in a grant to a research project at Linköping University.

Research at SAS

Latest publications


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