Photo of Adam Yngve

Adam Yngve

Research Engineer

Member of the Heilig Lab.


M.Sc. Research engineer in prof. dr. Markus Heilig's clinical research group since 2019. Currently supporting several ongoing projects involving functional magnetic resonance tomography (fMRI), facial electromyography (fEMG), and behavioral experiments.



Irene Perini, Leah Mayo, Andrea Johansson Capusan, Elisabeth Paul, Adam Yngve, Robin Kämpe, Emelie Gauffin, Raegan Mary Rose Mazurka, Bijar Ghafouri, Niclas Stensson, Anna Asratian, J. Paul Hamilton, Åsa Kastbom, Per Gustafsson, Markus Heilig (2023) Resilience to substance use disorder following childhood maltreatment: association with peripheral biomarkers of endocannabinoid function and neural indices of emotion regulation Molecular Psychiatry Continue to DOI
Michal Pietrzak, Adam Yngve, Paul Hamilton, Robin Kämpe, Rebecca Böhme, Anna Asratian, Emelie Gauffin, Andreas Löfberg, Sarah Gustavsson, Emil Persson, Andrea Johansson Capusan, Lorenzo Leggio, Irene Perini, Gustav Tinghög, Markus Heilig (2023) A randomized controlled experimental medicine study of ghrelin in value-based decision making Journal of Clinical Investigation, Vol. 133, Article e168260 Continue to DOI


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Sara Kroll, Leah Mayo, Anna Asratian, Adam Yngve, Irene Perini, Markus Heilig (2021) Negative self-evaluation induced by acute stress indexed using facial EMG Psychoneuroendocrinology, Vol. 133, Article 105402 Continue to DOI