Alireza Saberkari

Associate Professor, Docent

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to submit your original research papers and reviews to the Special Issue on "Advanced High-Performance Integrated Circuits for Sensing Technologies and IoT Applications", Electronics Journal, MDPI.

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Jari Nurmi, Snorre Aunet, Alireza Saberkari (2024) Guest Editorial Selected Papers From IEEE Nordic Circuits and Systems Conference (NorCAS) 2022 IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (vlsi) Systems, Vol. 32 Continue to DOI


Wei Cao, Alireza Saberkari, Atila Alvandpour (2023) Ultra Low Power ASK Demodulator/Manchester Decoder for Biomedical Applications 2023 IEEE NORDIC CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, NORCAS Continue to DOI
Natachai Terawatsakul, Alireza Saberkari, Atila Alvandpour (2023) Extending Wireless Power Transfer Range for Self-Powered Micro Devices with mm-size Antenna 2023 21ST IEEE INTERREGIONAL NEWCAS CONFERENCE, NEWCAS Continue to DOI
Javad Bagheri Asli, Alireza Saberkari, Atila Alvandpour (2023) A Parallel-Path Amplifier for Fast Output Settling NEWCAS 2023 CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS Continue to DOI


S. R. Aghazadeh, H. Martinez-Garcia, E. Barajas-Ojeda, Alireza Saberkari (2022) A 3-5-GHz, 385-540-ps CMOS true time delay element for ultra-wideband antenna arrays AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications, Vol. 149, Article 154175 Continue to DOI


Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Miniaturization for Spectroscopy: A Platform for Portable and Sensitive Probing (VR, 2023-2026)

  • Efficient Mid-Range Wireless Power Transfer with Intelligent Surfaces (EMPTIS) (ELLIIT, 2023-2027)

  • ENGINED -Efficient Organic Energy Module (Vinnova, Phase I, 2023-2024)

  • Micrometer-Scale Wireless Cell Fluorescence Detection Device (SSF Med-X, 2020-2024)