Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY)

The department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) is central to the engineering education at the Institute of Technology, one of four faculties at Linköping University, and this regards both basic and applied knowledge.

Institutionen för systemteknik, ISY, LiU Photo credit: Karl ÖfverströmThe department of Electrical Engineering was formed in 1969 and has since then been active in the technical development in Sweden. Several new companies have evolved from research at the department, but the research has also been instrumental in the established industry through all former graduated students and engineers now employed. The basis for all this has been the strong connection and good interplay between education, research, and the world outside the university.

Undergraduate education

The department offers about 100 different courses in four main areas: Control Systems, Electronics, Image processing, and Telecommunications.

List and more information about all courses.

Research and postgraduate education

The research is based on industrial needs, and ranges from basic research to direct application in collaboration projects.

Research and postgraduate education is pursued in the divisions: Automatic Control, Communication Systems, Computer Engineering, Computer Vision, Information Coding, Integrated Circuits and Systems and Vehicular System.

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Upcoming Events: Department of Electrical Engineering

30 November 2022

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Automatic Control: Fredrik Ljungberg

10.15 am – 1.00 pm Ada Lovelace, B-house, entrance 27, Campus Valla or via Zoom

9 December 2022

Public defence of doctoral thesis in Vehicular Systems: Viktor Leek

10.15 am – 1.00 pm TEMCAS, house T, Campus Valla 

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