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Andrea Coppola

Research Engineer



Esi Domi, Li Xu, Sanne Toivainen Eloff, Joost Wiskerke, Andrea Coppola, Lovisa Holm, Eric Augier, Michele Petrella, Markus Heilig (2023) Activation of GABA(B) receptors in central amygdala attenuates activity of PKC delta plus neurons and suppresses punishment-resistant alcohol self-administration in rats Neuropsychopharmacology Continue to DOI


Riccardo Barchiesi, Kanat Chanthongdee, Michele Petrella, Li Xu, Simon Söderholm, Esi Domi, Gaëlle Augier, Andrea Coppola, Joost Wiskerke, Ilona Szczot, Ana Domi, Louise Adermark, Eric Augier, Claudio Cantù, Markus Heilig, Estelle Barbier (2022) An epigenetic mechanism for over-consolidation of fear memories Molecular Psychiatry, Vol. 27, p. 4893-4904 Continue to DOI


Riccardo Barchiesi, Kanat Chanthongdee, Esi Domi, Francesco Gobbo, Andrea Coppola, Anna Asratian, Sanne Toivainen, Lovisa Holm, Gaëlle Augier, Li Xu, Eric Augier, Markus Heilig, Estelle Barbier (2021) Stress-induced escalation of alcohol self-administration, anxiety-like behavior, and elevated amygdala Avp expression in a susceptible subpopulation of rats Addiction Biology, Vol. 26, Article e13009 Continue to DOI