My research interests include multinational companies’ (MNCs) role in society in general, and in climate change mitigation in particular.

Research suggests namely that some MNC revenues are larger not only than several developing, but also some emerging economies. Other data underscore that three of Sweden's largest MNCs are responsible for more GHG emissions globally, than Sweden in total as a country. Hence, these types of actors are no doubt central not only in society at large, but also in the issue of climate mitigation. Simultaneously though, scholars point out that due to MNCs vast resources in as much monetary terms, as in their role of innovators and global reach, they are also important actors in the climate transition. I conduct my research connected to this paradoxical role of MNCs and in line with SDG 17 concerning partnerships;  multisector collaborations.

In terms of academic background, I come from international marketing and sustainable business. My theoretical basis is found within the business network relationship view of multisector partnerships. I teach methods and theory in environmental science as well as sustainable business, and supervise theses at different levels.

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