Photo of Bernhard Burtscher

Bernhard Burtscher

PhD student

Bernhard is originally from Austria where he completed the Bachelor programme (2016) and Master’s programme (2019) in Technical Physics at Graz University of Technology. In his Master’s Thesis, he investigated transferable electronics in the form of inkjet printed organic photodiodes on top of an ultrathin, commercial, conformal, and transferable polymer substrate.

For his PhD studies, he joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University in October 2019 through the BORGES project as an Early Stage Researcher. His goal is to develop organic bioelectronic components such as organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) for biosensing applications, in particular label-free sensing platforms for inflammatory biomarkers in multiple sclerosis (MS). His research will include materials and devices based on (semi)conducting polymers as well as polyelectrolyte “ion conductors” with the aim of translating biological and electronic signals for future diagnostics and clinical tools.




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