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At LOE, we explore electronic and optical properties of organic materials and organic-inorganic hybrid systems. 

LOE is one of the world's leading groups at the forefront of research in organic/plastic electronics. Specifically, we are interested in using the coupling between electronic and ionic charges to develop novel device and system concepts in the areas of energy, internet-of-things, healthcare, and biology.

Our research themes span synthesis, material science, devices, systems and applications. Projects closer to applications and commercialization are conducted in close collaboration with RISE. Results are regularly published in leading high-impact journals (see publications at Research).

Research at LOE is supported by major grants from the Swedish government, the European Commission, and several Swedish foundations. Research is carried out within the >1000 m2 Täppan Clean Room and the Printed Electronics Arena at Linköping University's Campus Norrköping.

LOE is composed of over 100 scientists, students, and staff spanning 11 research groups. LOE is directed by Professor Magnus Berggren.

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30 Oct 2020

Join us, our friends at @RISEsweden, and from around the world of bioelectronics at the BioCom Lab Day Webinar.…

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30 Oct 2020

RT @mpjonsson: Thank you so much @Vetenskapsradet for deciding to support my project, and a fully 5 more projects at @LOE_at_LiU. Congratul…

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6 Oct 2020

@mpjonsson @LOE_at_LiU speculates on this year’s physics Nobel prize. @liu_universitet @AFM_LiU

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