Björn Alkner

Adjunct Associate Professor, Docent



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Emil Rydell Högelin, Kajsa Thulin, Ferdinand von Walden, Lotta Fornander, Piotr Michno, Björn Alkner (2022) Reliability and Validity of an Ultrasound-Based Protocol for Measurement of Quadriceps Muscle Thickness in Children Frontiers in Physiology, Vol. 13, Article 830216 Continue to DOI
Abraham Nilsson, Thomas Ibounig, Johan Lyth, Björn Alkner, Ferdinand von Walden, Lotta Fornander, Lasse Rämö, Andrew Schmidt, Jörg Schilcher (2022) BioFACTS: biomarkers of rhabdomyolysis in the diagnosis of acute compartment syndrome - protocol for a prospective multinational, multicentre study involving patients with tibial fractures BMJ Open, Vol. 12, Article e059918 Continue to DOI


Johannes Svegard, Astrid Nordvall Persson, Christina Zetterlund, Björn Alkner (2021) Comparison of use of plaster casting versus elastic bandage following carpal tunnel release: a randomized controlled study Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol. 53, Article jrm00168 Continue to DOI