Christer Svensson

Professor Emeritus

My research covers analog and digital electronic hardware for computer systems, communication systems and sensor systems, with high performance and low power consumption, particularly implemented in CMOS technology.

Research and innovation in electronics

Electronics forms the basis of the modern information technology, everything from computers, data communication and the information society, to mobile phones, entertainment and computer games. The rapid development of these technologies is mainly based on the development of the silicon chip technology from 1960 until now.

My activity comprises further development of this technology and its applications, through research, education and entrepreneurship.


Publications in DiVA


Oscar Andres Morales Chacon, Jacob Wikner, Christer Svensson, Liter Siek, Atila Alvandpour (2022) Analysis of energy consumption bounds in CMOS current-steering digital-to-analog cosnverters Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, Vol. 111, p. 339-351 Continue to DOI


Timmy Sundstrom, Javad Bagheri Asli, Christer Svensson, Atila Alvandpour (2020) A 10b 1GS/s Inverter-Based Pipeline ADC in 65nm CMOS 2020 IEEE Nordic Circuits and Systems Conference, NORCAS 2020 - Proceedings Continue to DOI


Christer Svensson, Mats Persson, Martin Sjölin, Mats Danielsson (2018) X-ray detector system based on photon counting
Christel Sundberg, Martin Sjolin, Jacob Wikner, Christer Svensson, Mats Danielsson (2018) Increasing the dose efficiency in silicon photon-counting detectors utilizing dual shapers PROCEEDINGS VOLUME 10573 SPIE MEDICAL IMAGING, 10-15 FEBRUARY 2018 Medical Imaging 2018: Physics of Medical Imaging, Article UNSP 105734W Continue to DOI


Christer Svensson (2016) Letter: Response to the Comments by Willy Sansen on the paper "Towards Power Centric Analog Design," IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 44-51, Sept. 2015. in IEEE CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS MAGAZINE, vol 16, issue 1, pp 88-88 IEEE CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS MAGAZINE, Vol. 16, p. 88-88

About me


  • 2008-- Professor Emeritus - Linköping University
    1987-2008 Professor of the chair of Electronic Devices - Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

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