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Eva Danielson

Administrative Coordinator - Chemical Biology Consortium of Sweden (CBCS) LiU. We focus on AI Live Cell Image Analysis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Host-Pathogen Interaction, and Trained Immunity. Science Communicator and Independent Author.

Chemical Biology Consortium of Sweden

The CBCS is a Nationally funded infrastructure coordinated between six major universities spread across Sweden to help facilitate chemical and biological research by providing related services and expertise to research groups throughout Sweden. 

We work together to identify, validate and use small molecules to explore biology. Each University, or Node, working in partnership with the CBCS specializes in a unique area of research and provides access and expertise to its users centered around those services.

Here at LiU, we have a special focus on AI-enabled Live Cell Image Analysis and BSL3 high-content screening, particularly in the field of Tuberculosis. These methods are especially valuable in understanding host-pathogen interactions, understanding kinetic responses, and HCS compound screening. Assays can be customized with the inclusion of various cell types, pathogens, compounds, or fluorescent markers. We are constantly evolving and working to develop and optimize new techniques to be available for our users.

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