Division of Inflammation and Infection (II)

The Division of Inflammation and Infection (II) includes clinical subject areas such as Immunology, Rheumatology, Pathology and Microbiology.

Our aim is to provide education and research within this wide field, having the body’s defense system as its common ground, in such a way that a profound understanding of the inflammatory process and the microbes, significant role for health and curiosity to participate in research is achieved.


It’s in your DNA - your body’s experiences become imprinted as methylation signatures!

Our research explores how infections like COVID-19 and tuberculosis alter DNA through epigenetic changes. Tuberculosis exposure leaves marks in immune and other cells. COVID-19 also rewires immune cell DNA, offering diagnostic insights.

A doctor looks at X-rays.

Individualised diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis

Our general aim is to individualise and thereby optimize management of clinical TB by new methods and strategies. The research group consists of specialists in tuberculosis from different professions.

Vesa Loitto using a microscope.

Cell migration in health and disease

Directional cell motility follows us from creation to death and is a vital part of life. Our main interest in this regard is how water flux via AQP contribute to the process of membrane protrusion necessary for directional whole cell translocation.

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