The engineer's role in the organisation's innovation efforts

It is exciting to be a part of developing future engineers understanding of organisations. A better understanding, interpretation and explanation of what is happening within and outside an organisation can give a more reflective leadership.

Organisation´s reality is complex

Structures in an organization are easy to identify while how ideas, trust and conflicts arise are much more difficult to understand. Organisations reality is complex. In my research, I seek understanding of the dilemmas that organisations face. Organisations want to change, but they encounter inertia. The complexity becomes evident in issues surrounding the need to profile themselves, divide tasks, while maintaining coordination, creativity and time efficiency. 

People in the organisation

It is important to take into account people’s needs and circumstances in the organisation. People need management support and time to develop and implement new ideas. My research shows that if the requirements are too high and there is too much focus on the time, creativity, the ability to innovate will suffer. Engineers can decide to be reactive rather than proactive and choose safe solutions instead of exciting new inventions.





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