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Galia Pozina


My research interest is focused on the development of semiconductor material systems that can improve the performance of potential applications in electronics and optoelectronics.




Galia Pozina, Carl Hemmingsson, Natalia Abrikossova, Elizaveta I. Girshova, Erkki Lahderanta, Mikhail A. Kaliteevski (2023) Effect of Plasmonic Ag Nanoparticles on Emission Properties of Planar GaN Nanowires Nanomaterials, Vol. 13, Article 1421 Continue to DOI
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Galia Pozina, Hsu Chih-Wei, Natalia Abrikossova, Carl Hemmingsson (2022) Numerical Modelling for the Experimental Improvement of Growth Uniformity in a Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy Reactor for Manufacturing beta-Ga2O3 Layers Crystals, Vol. 12, Article 1790 Continue to DOI
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Alexey V Belonovski, Konstantin M. Morozov, Elizaveta I Girshova, Galia Pozina, Mikhail A. Kaliteevski (2021) Quantum analysis of luminescence of an exciton in a meso-cavity Optics Express, Vol. 29, p. 20724-20734 Continue to DOI