Gwennaël Dufil obtained his BSc degree in Science, Technology, and Health (major in Physics) from the University of Nantes, France in 2016. His bachelor thesis focused on p-type semi-conductors for dye-sensitized solar cells.

In the same year, Gwennaël started his MSc degree on Molecular Materials for Electronics and Photonics at the Universities of Nantes and of Angers, France. In 2017 he performed an internship at the Electronic Plants group at Linköping University developing OECT based glucose sensors for monitoring chloroplasts metabolic activity, under the supervision of Dr. Eleni Stavrinidou. In 2018, he completed his MSc thesis under the supervision of Dr. Stefaan de Wolf at the Division of Physical Science and Engineering at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. His research there focused on the use of metal oxide layers for the enhancement of perovskite solar cells stability.

In September 2018, he came back to the Electronic Plants group as a Ph.D. student. Gwennaël’s work focuses on the development of plant based biohybrid systems for energy applications. In addition, he is optimizing the interface between self-organized conjugated polymers and plant tissue and also focuses on understanding the mechanism of in-vivo organization and polymerization of conjugated polymers.

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