Photo of Ingemar Nordin

Ingemar Nordin


Fields of research

Philosophy of science and technology (especially the relation between pure science and technology, and the rationality of technology). Political philosophy (especially the philosophy of rights). Philosophy of medicine (especially decision theory and medical technology).

Current projects

My main project at present is the philosophy of technology in general, and philosophy of medicine in particular. Central themes in this work are a) the relation between science, technology and practice; b) a new look at problems of rationality and induction and how they can be solved; c) knowledge formation in complex enterprises; d) models of technology; and e) the rationality of technology and practical action.

Ownership of the body: Property-rights of bodyparts; transplantation of organs and future markets; copyright versus patent of genetic patterns.

Climate research, philosophical and sociological aspects of a politicised research area.



Ingemar Nordin (2017) Relativistisk sannolikhet Från Skaradjäkne till Uppsalaprofessor: Festskrift till Lars-Göran Johansson i samband med hans pensionering, p. 138-158
Ingemar Nordin (2017) Using Knowledge: On the Rationality of Science, Technology, and Medicine


Ingemar Nordin (2014) Vetenskapens verktyg Filosofisk Tidskrift, Vol. 35, p. 52-66