Department of Culture and Society (IKOS)

At IKOS, the social sciences and humanities unite in environments where research and education work together.

The Department of Culture and Society (IKOS) conducts education and research in various humanities, social sciences and aesthetic subjects, often in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary environments where language, culture and society are at the center.

IKOS strives to strengthen the role of the social science and humanities in society and we see collaboration between education, research and the outside world as a prerequisite for success. The department is located in both Linköping and Norrköping.


Woman with arms crossed.

She wants to make robots behave better

Researcher Hannah Pelikan believes that we will see increased conflicts between humans and robots in the future.  In her research, she films everyday encounters between humans and machines to see what happens.

Keti Chukhrov.

“The Swedish academic world is very unique”

Keti Chukhrov has appreciated her year at LiU as the Tage Danielson visiting professor. She is impressed by the democratic organisation and the true spirit of assistance and collaboration at IKOS, LiU.

Large donation equals five new professors at LiU

A donation of SEK 125 million enables the establishment of five new professorships in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University. The donation is directed to the subjects of economics, political science, and history.


Some of the upcoming events at IKOS

Research Environments

The Ageing and Social Change research environment

The Ageing and Social Change research environment conducts leading-edge research on key social, political and cultural issues of ageing.

Brita Hermelin föreläser om Ostlänken på CKS kommundag 2016

Centre for Local Government Studies - CKS

CKS (Centre for Local Government Studies) is a research centre for studies on local politics, organization and development.

Man in refugee camp behind the Belgrade Central Station

Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society - REMESO

The institute conducts research with a multilevel approach to the understanding of migration, ethnicity and society.

Doctoral programmes

Adult education

Courses within the doctoral programmes at the Department of Culture and Society

The Department of Culture and Society offers a variety of graduate courses within the humanities and social sciences. The courses are offered to doctoral students at Linköping University and other institutions of higher education.

A statue of a thinking man.

The Doctoral Programme in Ageing and Social Change

The doctoral programme in Ageing and Social Change aims to give doctoral students in-depth knowledge in this field. Students shall independently plan and carry out a qualified research project and present and disseminate its results.


The Doctoral Programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies

The doctoral programme offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research education in ethnic and migration studies.


Language books and map.

Division of Language, Culture and Interaction (SKI)

The department includes professional languages, English as well as research and teaching in the field of interaction studies.

Hands and gestures of a group of discussing people.

Division of Social Work (SOCARB)

The division oversees education and research in the field of social work.

Division of Ageing and Social Change (ASC)

ASC conducts leading-edge research on key social, political and cultural issues of ageing.

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