Department of Culture and Society (IKOS)

At IKOS, social sciences and the humanities gather in environments where research and education work together.

The Department of Culture and Society (IKOS) conducts education and research in various humanities, social sciences and aesthetic subjects. Our activities are often conducted in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary environments where language, culture and society are at the center.

IKOS strives to strengthen social science and humanities in society and we see collaboration between education, research and the outside world as a prerequisite for success. The department is located in both Linköping and Norrköping.

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8 June 2022

Welcome to the the third Annual Phenomenological Approaches to Physics Conference QBism and Phenomenology!

08 June 2022, 9.15 am - 10 June 2022, 5.00 pm Room TEMCAS, TEMA Building, Linköping University

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