As a Study Adviser, my areas of work include guidance, support and information to current and prospective students of Linköping University. Information shared with a Study Adviser is handled with confidentiality. For booking an appointment or more information, please do not hesitate to contact me (see contact information at the top of the page).

I am responsible for guidance concerning the following programmes and fields of study at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

  • Bachelor´s Programme in Global Studies , 180 credits
  • Higher Education for Students with a Foreign Academic Degree, 30-120 ECTS credits, 30 credits
  • Applied Ethics, Master´s Programme, 60 credits
  • Bachelor´s Programme in Handicrafts and Design (textile/wood/metal), 180 credits (discontinuing)
  • Master´s Programme in Media Production for Humanities and Social sciences, 120 credits (discontinuing)

Single-subject courses in the fields of

  • Applied ethics
  • Crafts
  • Choral Activities
  • Linköping University Symphony Orchestra