Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FILFAK)

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides education and research in humanities, social- and behavioural sciences, commercial law, art disciplines and thematic science.

The undergraduate education at the Faculty is characterized by deep subject knowledge, an interdisciplinary approach and innovation. 14 000 students are enrolled in the Faculty’s programs and courses.

The Faculty conducts research and offers postgraduate/doctoral programs both in individual disciplines and in interdisciplinary themes.


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor's programmes, master's programmes and single-subject courses within some 40 subjects areas encompassing behavioural sciences, economics and business administration, commercial law, humanities, computer science, natural sciences and social sciences. 

Faculty Management


headshot of two female researchers.

Post-COVID syndrome made researchers combine different perspectives

In a large research project, researchers are working across disciplines to understand post-COVID from several different aspects. At the same time, they are researching the interdisciplinary process itself.

Young woman with dark hair in a ponytail and a pen in her hand talks to three young men in front of a glass wall with post-it notes

New master's programme for a better future

With its new master's programme Ethics, Science and Policy, Linköping University wants to make a difference in the world by teaching students to drive change, influence politics and thus improve society.

Gerhard Andersson in his office.

Researchers will help us keep our new year’s resolutions

Last year, Professor Gerhard Andersson’s new year’s resolution was to skateboard regularly. He is now launching a research study to investigate what can make us keep the promises we made for the new year.

Research areas

Rockband med äldre kvinnor

Ageing and Later Life

Human ageing is a constant, on-going process that is a part of everybody's life. At Linköping University, we study what it is to be elderly, as well as aging itself.

Art and Visual Culture

In art history we study objects of art, as well as architecture and design, but also visual culture, advertising and fashion, for example.

Biogasbuss i Linköping


This is an area that has expanded significantly since the end of the 1990. Interest in the area has spread far beyond the region and Linköping University has been the host for the national Biogas Research Centre, BRC, since 2012.