John Tinnerholm

PhD student



John Tinnerholm, Francesco Casella, Adrian Pop (2022) Towards Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Overconstrained Connectors in Modelica Proceedings of Asian Modelica Conference 2022, Tokyo, Japan, November 24-25, 2022, p. 35-44 Continue to DOI
John Tinnerholm, Adrian Pop, Martin Sjölund (2022) A Modular, Extensible, and Modelica-Standard-Compliant OpenModelica Compiler Framework in Julia Supporting Structural Variability Electronics, Vol. 11, Article 1772 Continue to DOI
John Tinnerholm (2022) A Composable and Extensible Environment for Equation-based Modeling and Simulation of Variable Structured Systems in Modelica


John Tinnerholm, Adrian Pop, Heuermann Andreas, Martin Sjölund (2021) OpenModelica.jl: A modular and extensible Modelica compiler framework in Julia targeting ModelingToolkit.jl Proceedings of the 14th International Modelica Conference, p. 109-117 Continue to DOI
Emil Alegroth, Eline Borch Petersen, John Tinnerholm (2021) A Failed attempt at creating Guidelines for Visual GUI Testing: An industrial case study 2021 14TH IEEE CONFERENCE ON SOFTWARE TESTING, VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION (ICST 2021), p. 340-350 Continue to DOI