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Johanna Wilroth

PhD student



Johanna Wilroth (2024) Exploring Auditory Attention Using EEG


Johanna Wilroth, Joshua P. Kulasingham, Martin A. Skoglund, Emina Alickovic (2023) Direct Estimation of Linear Filters for EEG Source-Localization in a Competing-Talker Scenario Special issue: 22nd IFAC World Congress, p. 6510-6517 Continue to DOI
Johanna Wilroth, Bo Bernhardsson, Frida Heskebeck, Martin Skoglund, Carolina Bergeling, Emina Alickovic (2023) Improving EEG-based decoding of the locus of auditory attention through domain adaptation Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol. 20, Article 066022 Continue to DOI