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Kajsa Uvdal

Professor, Head of Division




Shuai Li, Yaoxuan Li, Shiji Zhang, Haixiao Fang, Ze Huang, Duoteng Zhang, Aixiang Ding, Kajsa Uvdal, Zhang-Jun Hu, Kai Huang, Lin Li (2024) Response strategies and biological applications of organic fluorescent thermometry: cell- and mitochondrion-level detection Analytical Methods Continue to DOI
Olof Eskilsson, Sneha Kollenchery Ramanathan, Anna Du Rietz, Valentina Guerrero Florez, Robert Selegård, Kajsa Uvdal, Emma Björk, Daniel Aili (2024) Self-Assembly of Metal Nanoparticles in Bacterial Cellulose for the Fabrication of Soft Substrate-Supported Catalysts ACS Applied Nano Materials Continue to DOI


Yang Ding, Jingjie Chen, Qiong Wu, Bin Fang, Wenhui Ji, Xin Li, Changmin Yu, Xuchun Wang, Xiamin Cheng, Hai-Dong Yu, Zhang-Jun Hu, Kajsa Uvdal, Peng Li, Lin Li, Wei Huang (2023) Artificial intelligence-assisted point-of-care testing system for ultrafast and quantitative detection of drug-resistant bacteria SMARTMAT Continue to DOI


Peter Eriksson, Anh H. T. Truong, Caroline Brommesson, Anna Du Rietz, Ganesh R. Kokil, Robert Boyd, Zhang-Jun Hu, Tram T. Dang, Per O A Persson, Kajsa Uvdal (2022) Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles with Entrapped Gadolinium for High T-1 Relaxivity and ROS-Scavenging Purposes ACS Omega, Vol. 7, p. 21337-21345 Continue to DOI
Lingchao Zhang, Huang Shoushuang, Jinmei Bao, Libing Liu, Tong Ye, Xiansheng Cong, Kajsa Uvdal, Zhang-Jun Hu (2022) Intersperse copper nanoparticles into 3D fibrous silica-supported carbon spheres for electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 910, Article 164759 Continue to DOI