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Marcus Ekholm

Associate Professor



Mohammad Amirabbasi, Marcus Ekholm (2023) Lattice distortions and magnetic interactions in single-layer VOCl Physical Review Materials, Vol. 7, Article 074003 Continue to DOI


H. J. M. Jonsson, Marcus Ekholm, I Leonov, Martin Dahlqvist, Johanna Rosén, Igor Abrikosov (2022) Correlation strength, orbital-selective incoherence, and local moments formation in the magnetic MAX-phase Mn2GaC Physical Review B, Vol. 105, Article 035125 Continue to DOI


Fang Li-mei, Zeng Ying, Marcus Ekholm, Hu Chun-feng, Feng Qing-guo (2021) Field controllable electronic properties of MnPSe3/WS2 heterojunction for photocatalysis JOURNAL OF CENTRAL SOUTH UNIVERSITY, Vol. 28, p. 3728-3736 Continue to DOI
Karol Zaleski, Marcus Ekholm, Björn Alling, Igor Abrikosov, Janusz Dubowik (2021) Local atomic configuration approach to the nonmonotonic concentration dependence of magnetic properties of Ni(2)Mn(1+x)Z(1-x) (Z = In, Sn, Sb) Heusler alloys Scripta Materialia, Vol. 194, Article 113646 Continue to DOI


Johan Jönsson, Marcus Ekholm, Maxim Bykov, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Sander van Smaalen, Igor Abrikosov (2019) Inverse pressure-induced Mott transition in TiPO4 Physical Review B, Vol. 99, Article 245132 Continue to DOI

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