Research Experience

During my MSc program in microelectronics (2015-2017), I did research on analog integrated circuit design for radio frequency communication. Specifically, I designed low noise amplifiers for ultra wide-band RF communication.

As a PhD researcher, I am collaborating on an interdisciplinary project funded by Swedish foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) for the design of an micro ASIC for implantable optical fluorescence detection.

I am currently working on integrated photodiodes design, ultra high sensitivity optical front-ends, low power data converters, and efficient wireless energy harvesting circuitry.


Since 2020 I am Lab and project assistant at EKS for the course TSEK06 - VLSI Chip Design Project.

I am also Teacher and Lab assistance of the courses;
TSEK03 - Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
TSEK38 - Radio Frequency Transceiver Design
TSEK02 - Radio electronics.




Coworkers EKS