Photo of Maria Zetterqvist

Maria Zetterqvist

Adjunct Associate Professor, Docent

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology with a focus on child and adolescent psychiatric activities.



Publications in DiVA


Erik Aspeqvist, Hedvig Andersson, Laura Korhonen, Örjan Dahlström, Maria Zetterqvist (2024) Measurement and stratification of nonsuicidal self-injury in adolescents BMC Psychiatry, Vol. 24, Article 107 Continue to DOI
Hedvig Andersson, E. Svensson, A. Magnusson, Rolf Holmqvist, Maria Zetterqvist (2024) Young adults looking back at their experiences of treatment and care for nonsuicidal self-injury during adolescence: a qualitative study Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, Vol. 18, Article 16 Continue to DOI


Maria Zetterqvist, Johan Bjureberg (2023) Social Processes in Nonsuicidal Self-Injury The Oxford Handbook of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Continue to DOI