Photo of Mingna Liao

Mingna Liao

PhD student



Mingna Liao, Dan Zhao, Magnus Jonsson (2024) Solar Heating Modulated by Evaporative Cooling Provides Intermittent Temperature Gradients for Ionic Thermoelectric Supercapacitors Advanced Functional Materials Continue to DOI


Debashree Banerjee, Tomas Hallberg, Shangzhi Chen, Chaoyang Kuang, Mingna Liao, Hans Kariis, Magnus Jonsson (2023) Electrical tuning of radiative cooling at ambient conditions Cell Reports Physical Science, Vol. 4, Article 101274 Continue to DOI
Mingna Liao, Debashree Banerjee, Tomas Hallberg, Christina Åkerlind, Md Mehebub Alam, Qilun Zhang, Hans Kariis, Dan Zhao, Magnus Jonsson (2023) Cellulose-Based Radiative Cooling and Solar Heating Powers Ionic Thermoelectrics Advanced Science, Vol. 10, Article 2206510 Continue to DOI
Qilun Zhang, Tiefeng Liu, Sebastian Wilken, Shaobing Xiong, Huotian Zhang, Iuliana Ribca, Mingna Liao, Xianjie Liu, Renee Kroon, Simone Fabiano, Feng Gao, Martin Lawoko, Qinye Bao, Ronald Oesterbacka, Mats Johansson, Mats Fahlman (2023) Industrial Kraft Lignin Based Binary Cathode Interface Layer Enables Enhanced Stability in High Efficiency Organic Solar Cells Advanced Materials Continue to DOI
Ayesha Sultana, Alois Wurger, Ziyauddin Khan, Mingna Liao, Magnus Jonsson, Xavier Crispin, Dan Zhao (2023) The Origin of Thermal Gradient-Induced Voltage in Polyelectrolytes Small Continue to DOI