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Oumie Thorell




Oumie Thorell, Johannes Ydrefors, Mats Svantesson, Björn Gerdle, Håkan Olausson, David A. Mahns, Saad S. Nagi (2023) Investigations into an overlooked early component of painful nociceptive withdrawal reflex responses in humans Frontiers in Pain Research, Vol. 3, Article 1112614 Continue to DOI


Carl Wahlgren, Richard Levi, Oumie Thorell, Salvador Amezcua, Magnus Thordstein (2021) Prevalence of discomplete sensorimotor spinal cord injury as evidenced by neurophysiological methods: A cross-sectional study Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol. 53, Article jrm00156 Continue to DOI


Mikael Ridderström, Mats Svantesson, Oumie Thorell, Theofilos Magounakis, Jan Minde, Håkan Olausson, Saad Nagi (2020) High prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome in individuals with rare nerve growth factor-beta mutation Brain Communications, Vol. 2, Article fcaa085 Continue to DOI