I work as a university lecturer with Reader competence in Theoretical Physics and as Scientific Director at the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC).

Simulations of events in different systems

In my research I make computer models to simulate events in different systems. Above all, I study the dynamics of material growth and food webs.

In my research on material physics, I use classical molecular dynamics and simulate how atoms move when the materials grow. By controlling growth, one can control the structure of the material and hence its properties.

In the research on the dynamics of food webs I make simulations of ecosystems' susceptibility to disruption. The goal of this research is to increase our knowledge of how ecosystems function and how they respond to different types of disturbances.

National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)

As Scientific Director, I am responsible for allocating NSC's computational resources to the Swedish research community and monitoring the usage.

Theoretical foundation of physics

When I teach, I want to give students a solid theoretical foundation of physics. Physics is an important cornerstone of our modern society and its technology, which would be impossible without new materials.

OrcID: 0000-0003-2428-3052




Malin Silverå Ejneby, Xiongyu Wu, Nina Ottosson, E Peter Münger, Ingemar Lundström, Peter Konradsson, Fredrik Elinder

Atom-by-atom tuning of the electrostatic potassium-channel modulator dehydroabietic acid

In The Journal of General Physiology

Article in journal

Sebastian Ekeroth, Peter Münger, Robert Boyd, Joakim Ekspong, Thomas Wågberg, Ludvig Edman, Nils Brenning, Ulf Helmersson

Catalytic Nanotruss Structures Realized by Magnetic Self-Assembly in Pulsed Plasma

In Nano letters (Print)

Article in journal


Iris Pilch, L. Caillault, T. Minea, Ulf Helmersson, Alexey Tal, Igor Abrikosov, Peter Münger, Nils Brenning

Nanoparticle growth by collection of ions: orbital motion limited theory and collision-enhanced collection

In Journal of Physics D

Article in journal

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