Photo of Son Phuong Le

Son Phuong Le

Principal Research Engineer

Compound semiconductor nanostructures for energy-efficient technologies.


Son Phuong Le is a researcher at Semiconductor Materials Division. He received MSc (2011) and PhD (2014) from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) with a focus on physics and technology of semiconductor devices.

The current research aims at development of new nanostructures employing III-V semiconductors such as InAs, InN, GaN and their ternary compounds.

These structures can be formed by various techniques, ranging from selective area epitaxial growth to heterogeneous integration on foreign substrates. According to the merits of the formation technology, the nanostructures are advantageous to realize novel optoelectronic devices for advanced applications such as energy-efficient lighting.

At the present, his research focuses on InGaN nanostructures obtained by selective area growth by MOCVD for micro-sized light-emitting diodes with high-efficiency emission at wavelengths longer than blue.



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