Energy as strategy

How can industry reach environmental targets and at the same time be competitive? Improved energy efficiency is a means that include both.

Non-energy benefits

My research concerns non-energy benefits from energy efficiency investments in the Swedish industry. These benefits are positive side-effect that can be delivered when investing in energy efficiency and some examples are improved productivity, reductions in operations and maintenance, improved work environment and less emissions and waste. Awareness of non-energy benefits is an important means to improve energy efficiency investment decisions.

Energy management

My research also concerns how the Swedish industry, in particular the Swedish pulp and paper industry, work with energy management. 

Ongoing projects

  • Non-energy benefits: Improved energy efficiency investment decisions – how to improve the strategic importance of energy efficiency investments in the Swedish industry? 
  • Energy management in the Swedish pulp and paper industry - barriers, drivers and general success factors.



Short facts

Academic merits

  • MSc biotechnology 2002


I am teaching in some of the courses given in the programmes below:

  • Energy, Environmental and Management
  • Sustainability Engineering and Management