Photo of Ulf Sannemo

Ulf Sannemo

Associate Professor, Docent



H.-E. Nilsson, A. Martinez, Ulf Sannemo, M. Hjelm, E. Bellotti, K. Brennan (2002) Monte Carlo simulation of high field hole transport in 4H-SiC including band to band tunneling and optical interband transitions Physica. B, Condensed matter, Vol. 314, p. 68-71 Continue to DOI


H.-E. Nilsson, A. Martinez, Ulf Sannemo (2001) Numerical study of Bloch electron dynamics in wide band-gap semiconductors Applied Surface Science, Vol. 184, p. 199-203 Continue to DOI
H.-E. Nilsson, A. Martinez, E. Ghillino, Ulf Sannemo, E. Bellotti, M. Goano (2001) Numerical modeling of hole interband tunneling in wurtzite GaN and SiC Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 90, p. 2847-2852 Continue to DOI