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Xiaoyu Sun

PhD student



Xiaoyu Sun, Longfei Zhang, Yanming Pan, Lilong Zhu, Zaiwang Huang, Liang Jiang (2024) Tuning Mo/W ratio to improve high temperature oxidation resistance of single crystal nickel base superalloys Materials Today Communications, Vol. 38, Article 107826 Continue to DOI


Xiaoyu Sun (2023) Performance of High-temperature Coatings: Oxidation and Interdiffusion
Xiaoyu Sun, Pimin Zhang, Johan Moverare, Xin-Hai Li, Luqing Cui, Ru Lin Peng (2023) Impeding the γ' depletion during the interdiffusion between bond coatings and superalloys via introduction of tantalum in bond coatings Materials & design, Vol. 227, Article 111792 Continue to DOI


Luqing Cui, Cheng-Han Yu, Shuang Jiang, Xiaoyu Sun, Ru Lin Peng, Jan-Erik Lundgren, Johan Moverare (2022) A new approach for determining GND and SSD densities based on indentation size effect: An application to additive-manufactured Hastelloy X Journal of Materials Science & Technology, Vol. 96, p. 295-307 Continue to DOI


Luqing Cui, Fuqing Jiang, Dunyong Deng, Tongzheng Xin, Xiaoyu Sun, Reza Taherzadeh Mousavian, Ru Lin Peng, Zhiqing Yang, Johan Moverare (2021) Cyclic Response of Additive Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel: The Role of Cell Structures Scripta Materialia, Vol. 205, Article 114190 Continue to DOI