Engineering Materials (KMAT)

Students, professors and researchers at the Division of Engineering Materials explore the relationships between microstructure and properties of mainly metallic materials but also ceramics, composites and polymers for engineering applications.

Education in engineering materials

We are giving courses in materials science and engineering at both basic and advanced levels to around 400 engineering students each year. Since materials science is a practical subject we combine theoretical studies with hands-on exercises within our laboratory. Our undergraduate courses are taken by students on engineering programmes:

  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Design and Product Development Engineering,
  • Energy, Environment and Management,
  • Industrial Engineering and Management,
  • Master programme in Mechanical engineering.


It is also possible to make a thesis project within the subject Engineering Materials; either in a company or within our laboratory. Please contact Johan Moverare if you are interested.

News and Reportage




Dunyong Deng, Ru Peng, Håkan Brodin, Johan Moverare

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Inconel 718 produced by selective laser melting: Sample orientation dependence and effects of post heat treatments

In Materials Science & Engineering

Article in journal

Chamara Kumara, Dunyong Deng, Johan Moverare, Per Nylen

Modelling of anisotropic elastic properties in alloy 718 built by electron beam melting

In Materials Science and Technology

Article in journal

Jonas Saarimäki, Mattias Lundberg, Johan Moverare

Grain Size Depending Dwell-Fatigue Crack Growth in Inconel 718

In Advanced Engineering Materials

Article in journal

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