Engineering Materials (KMAT)

Students, professors and researchers at the division of Engineering materials explore the relationships between microstructure and properties of mainly metallic materials but also ceramics, composites and polymers for engineering applications.

Research in engineering materials

Our research leads to the synthesis of improved materials. We study the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties, environmental impact and degradation of material properties, and fatigue and durability of material under service like conditions.

Education in engineering materials

We are giving courses in materials science and engineering at both basic and advanced levels to around 400 engineering students each year. Since materials science is a practical subject we combine theoretical studies with hands-on exercises within our laboratory. Our undergraduate courses are taken by students on engineering programmes:

  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Design and Product Development Engineering,
  • Energy, Environment and Management,
  • Industrial Engineering and Management,
  • Master programme in Mechanical engineering.


It is also possible to make a thesis project within the subject Engineering Materials; either in a company or within our laboratory. Please contact Johan Moverare if you are interested.

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Research at the division of Engineering materials

Latest publications


Krisha Praveen Jonnalagadda, Satyapal Mahade, Nicholas Curry, Xin-Hai Li, Nicolaie Markocsan, Per Nylén, Stefan Björklund, Ru Lin Peng

Hot Corrosion Mechanism in Multi-Layer Suspension Plasma Sprayed Gd2Zr2O7 /YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings in the Presence of V2O5 + Na2SO4

Article in journal

Linnéa Selegård, Ru Peng, Annethe Billenius, Gert Petersén, Markus Ess, Mattias Jonsson

Residual Stresses in Dengeling-Treated Aluminum Alloy AA 7050

Conference paper

Nian Zhou, Ru Peng, Rachel Pettersson, Mikael Schönning

Residual Stress in Stainless Steels after Surface Grinding and its Effect on Chloride Induced SCC

Conference paper

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