Massive open online courses

Massive open online courses

Get a feeling for university studies, and gain new knowledge. Linköping
University is starting a broad initiative in massive open online courses in the
autumn of 2021

It will be possible to take one or more of Linköping University’s massive open online courses, known as MOOCs, in the autumn of 2021. This is a relatively new form of education for institutions of higher education in Sweden.

What is a MOOC?

There are several differences between a MOOC and normal single-subject courses offered by Linköping University. MOOCs:

  • do not result in the award of credits. In some courses, however, those who successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate. It is not possible to transfer results from a MOOC to further study, except for in certain special cases.
  • are open to all. There is no admission process and anyone with an email address can take the course. A MOOC may, however, recommend that those taking it have certain prior knowledge or previous experience in the subject area.
  • are always held using remote methods only, and there is no requirement to attend physical meetings.

Taking a MOOC requires a significant level of self-responsibility, since you will be using independent study to a large extent.

MOOCs offered by LiU

MOOCs that LiU offers in english

Introduction to the factories of the future

An overview in the design of the Factories of the Future and the exciting developments regarding the next wave of advanced industrial digitalization (Industry 4.0). Focus will be at “Smart Factory”as a collection of interacting intelligent components, and their interaction with humans.

Introduction to the factories of the future

Sustainable and democratic digital governance

The world is going digital – what does that mean for governance, democracy and sustainability? This is an accessible introduction to the challenges that both public leadership and governance face in an increasingly digital and globalized world. The course is based on Swedish illustrations.

Sustainable and Democratic digital governance

illustration of computer in international surroundings


Who can take a massive open online course (MOOC)?

MOOCs are intended to be taken by anyone, with a focus on people who:

  • want to try out higher education, and have not previously taken higher education courses.
  • have studied previously, and now want to try something new and progress in their professional life.
  • are seeking to increase their general knowledge in a new field.


Do I need any particular prior knowledge?

MOOCs are open to everybody, and there are no entry requirements. There is no admissions procedure, and anyone with an email address can join the course. A MOOC may, however, recommend that those taking it have certain prior knowledge or previous experience in the subject area.

Will credits be awarded for the course?

A MOOC does not give any credits, and cannot contribute towards a degree.

What happens if I don’t complete the course?

When you start a course, you do not commit yourself to completing it. But if you are inactive for a longer period of time, your account will be closed. You will receive a reminder well before your account is closed.

Will I receive a course certificate?

Some courses include a component that is subject to exam, where you provide evidence of what you have learned. The exam may be in the form of, for example, self-corrected tests or essays reviewed by another student. When you have passed the exam, you can receive a certificate.

Other open courses