The Department board is the highest decision-making body at IFM. The board is responsible for the departments undergraduate- and doctoral studies and research.

The Department board meets 7-9 times a year. The board sets up and suggests hirings, decides on the health and safety plan, equal opportunities, policy, set the budget and annual accounts.

Term of office 2021-2023

Members of the board

Mattias Severin, Senior Lecturer, Head of Department - chairman

Magdalena Svensson, Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of Department
Johanna Rosen, Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Maria Sunnerhagen, member
Urban Friberg, member
Thomas Edert, member
Per Eklund, member
Anna Eklöf, member
Simona Eles, member
Magdalena Svensson, replacement
Johanna Rosen, replacement
Henrik Pedersen, replacement
Jordi Almitras, replacement
Caroline Brommesson, replacement
Vanja Darkachieva, replacement
Björn Wallner, replacement
Ann-Charlotte Svensson-Holm, replacement


Pernilla Helmer, member
Claudia Schnitter, member


Louise Gustafsson, HR
Jens Trosell, Head of Administration
Lise-Lotte Lönndahl Ragnar, secretary

For protocol and other documents, use the mail address.