Industrial Symbiosis

A System Perspective

Industriell symbios
A by-product in one industry can be a useful resource in an other. Photo credit iStock.

The research at LiU focuses on how long-term cooperation between local and regional actors make it possible to use materials, energy and other resources more efficiently, not just in Norrköping, but also in other locations in Sweden and around the world.

Industrial symbiosis means that a number of companies collaborate so that surpluses or by-products become a useful resource for one of the others.

Examples are heat, wood refuse, waste materials, distiller's waste, etc. Industrial symbioses exist in many parts of the world, but especially in the area around LiU. The objective is for the research to contribute to the development of new industries and urban symbioses.

In Östergötland, there are several notable examples of industrial symbiosis, for instance in Händelö in Norrköping.