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Perini, I., Gustafsson, P. A., Hamilton, J. P., Kämpe, R., Mayo, L., Heilig, M., & Zetterqvist, M. (2019). Brain-based classification of negative social bias in adolescents with nonsuicidal self-injury: Findings from simulated online social interaction. EClinicalMedicine. doi: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2019.06.016.

Holmqvist-Larsson, K., Andersson, G. Stern, H., & Zetterqvist, M. (2019). Emotion Regulation Group Skills Training for Adolescents and Parents: A pilot study of an add-on treatment in a clinical setting. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 1-15. doi: 10.1177/1359104519869782

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Gabriel Otterman, Ulugbek B. Nurmatov, Ather Akhlaq, Laura Korhonen, Alison M. Kemp, Aideen Naughton, Martin Chalumeau, Andreas Jud, Mary Jo Vollmer Sandholm, Eva Mora-Theuer, Sarah Moultrie, Diogo Lamela, Nara Tagiyeva-Milne, Joanne Nelson, Jordan Greenbaum (2024) Clinical care of childhood sexual abuse: a systematic review and critical appraisal of guidelines from European countries The Lancet Regional Health: Europe, Vol. 39, Article 100868 Continue to DOI
Erica Mattelin, Natalie Söderlind, Laura Korhonen (2024) "You cannot just stop life for just that": a qualitative study on children's experiences on refugee journey to Sweden European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Continue to DOI
Erik Aspeqvist, Hedvig Andersson, Laura Korhonen, Örjan Dahlström, Maria Zetterqvist (2024) Measurement and stratification of nonsuicidal self-injury in adolescents BMC Psychiatry, Vol. 24, Article 107 Continue to DOI