Making the million program buildings more energy efficient


University researchers and a company work together in the research project CAREER in order to deepening and widening the knowledge about energy efficiency in building renovations. The aim is to increase the energy efficiency in the buildings constructed under the Swedish million building program from a collaboration process between the partner company and the university in very concrete renovation processes. This will result in co-production of knowledge.

In the CAREER project researchers and employees at the company work together in real renovation processes. Thereby two gaps are reduced: first the gap between practical knowledge or know-how and the academic knowledge, second the gap between the technical potential in implementing energy efficient solutions and the actual outcome from the investments. The project will bridge the gaps at the same time as the general knowledge about energy efficiency in renovation processes increases.

PhD students and senior researchers at two divisions in Linköping University, Energy Systems and Technology and social change, collaborate in the project.
Project title: Doing CAREER – Energy efficiency in the million program building renovation: a collaborative research program for integrative knowledge development. Funder: Formas IQS