The 31st Nordic Sociological Association Conference

Campus Norrköping and Motala river.

Welcome to the 31st Nordic Sociological Association Conference that will be held at Linköping university (campus Norrköping), 14-16 August, 2024. Join us and take part in this long-standing tradition and preeminent platform for Nordic sociology, covering the whole spectrum of topics, methods and aspects of sociological research. This year’s theme is “Sociology in a Digital world”.

Theme: Sociology in a Digital World

Society and the digital world have become profoundly intertwined. The digital revolution has reshaped how we perceive, connect, communicate, and construct our social realities and has provided researchers with new questions, data and methods. Sociology plays a pivotal role in understanding this new social landscape as new technologies inspire researchers with new questions, data, and methods.

As reflected in the keynotes and panel discussions, the theme of this year’s NSA conference delves into this web of human behavior, technology, and society. Together, we will explore topics such as the emergence of new forms of inequality in the digital age, the impact of online communities on social cohesion, the implications of artificial intelligence on labor markets, the effect from social media on identity formation and social movements, the ethics of data collection and privacy, and other core sociological questions of today. Within this theme, we hope for a vibrant and transformative discourse at the intersection of sociology and the digital world.

Important dates and information

Important dates

September 2023 Call for Session proposals OPEN

1 December 2023 Deadline for Session Proposals

18 December 2023 Call for Abstracts

29 February 2024 Deadline for paper submissions

31 March 2024 Notifications of paper acceptance; Conference registration opens

13 August 2024 PhD pre-conference

14-16 August 2024 Main conference


Call for Session proposals is now OPEN!

We now accept proposals for organized sessions at NSA2024! If accepted, you will be asked to chair the session at NSA2024 and, for open sessions, handle and decide on the abstracts submitted to the session. Network meetings and working groups can also be proposed as closed sessions. To submit your proposal, please send us a document (Word/PDF) with the following information:

  • A suitable title for the session
  • A description (max 250 words) that describes the topics, themes and, when applicable, potential examples of contributions that could fit into the session
  • Whether the session is closed or open (i.e. whether it will be possible to submit abstracts to this session
  • Your name and contact details

Send your session proposal in pdf or Word format to
with the email subject "Session proposal"

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Photo of Carl Nordlund

Carl Nordlund

Host of the conference

  • The Institute for Analytical Sociology