Campus Norrköping

In the city centre by the river.

Linköping University’s Campus Norrköping is centrally located in the Industrial Landscape, the town’s old industrial precinct alongside the Motala River. Old buildings have been filled with new contents, and the waterway adds a special atmosphere to the area. In just a few minutes you can walk to the main street Drottninggatan, the cosy old blocks of Knäppingsborg and the travel centre (railway station). Next to Campus Norrköping is also Visualization Center C, including a dome theatre and influential LiU research in the field of visualisation. 

Tour of Campus Norrköping

Inne i Kåkenhus / Inside Kåkenhus Building

The Kåkenhus Building is central to Campus Norrköping. It includes student services, the library, Clinicum (where students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences practice clinical skills), a café run by Kårservice (the student unions' service organisation) and many classrooms and study areas. LiU scientists within printed electronics share an office with external research institute Acreo. David Einar

Täppan / Täppan Building

In contrast to the rest of the campus, the Täppan Building is modern. A key feature is its courtyard, surrounded by glazed exterior walls. The building contains a nonprofit student café, study areas and classrooms used mainly by the engineering programmes.  Thor Balkhed

LiU Game Awards Trappan

Kårhuset Trappan is the students’ own building in Norrköping and home to many activities. There are also study areas.  Fotograf: Alexander Häger

Motala ström

The roar of the Motala River permeates the campus environment.  Thor Balkhed

Beslutsarenan / Decision Arena

Kopparhammaren 2 is the oldest as well as the newest building in the Industrial Landscape. The new part is also the university’s first “green” building. The focus here is on sustainability, and here you’ll find environmental science students as well as the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research. The centre runs Norrköping’s Decision Arena, an advanced interactive studio where visualization technology helps politicians and scientists understand complex climate-related issues and make good decisions. _Thor_Balkhed

Domen i Visualiseringscenter / Dome at Visualization Center C

Visualization Center C makes complicated research available to the public by showing what is actually not possible to see. Thor Balkhed

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