22 February 2024

Take the survey to shape the future of life science in the Linköping area

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This survey, initiated by SciLifeLab Linköping, is exploring the needs of research infrastructure for life scientists in the Linköping area.
Research infrastructure is here defined as central research facilities, advanced measurement equipment, biobanks, large computing resources, and expertise connected to these in the life-science field.
All SciLifeLab infrastructure units are available to all researchers in Sweden, although we in this survey separate Linköping-area located infrastructures from non-Linköping area infrastructures as well as inclusion of non-SciLifeLab infrastructures.
SciLifeLab provides nation-wide advanced and unique technologies, constantly improving the range of supplies according to the needs of the research communities. Hence, knowing your needs helps SciLifeLab to form the infrastructure of the future.

Deadline Mars 8, 2024