Registering for your studies

This is a checklist that will guide you through registration and administrative set up for your studies at LiU. Note: These steps are to be taken in August.

LiUpaInstaPhoto credit: Peter Karlsson; SvarteldYou accepted your offer, planned your move to Sweden, made it here and hopefully had a fabulous time during the welcome period! Now it is time to start your studies.

It is important to know that just attending your classes is not enough you must register for your studies. In Sweden, it is a legal requirement that universities have a registry of their students. You need to register for your programme and the courses for your first semester by 13 September at the latest, otherwise, you will lose your place.

Programme registration opens on the first day of the semester.

Registration Checklist

1. Create a temporary LiU ID (IT-account)

You can do this yourself if you have:
applied via
a Swedish civic registration number

If you have a Swedish personal identity number (it doesn't work with a temporary ID number), go to and log in with your account from 

Follow the instructions to create your temporary LiU ID. (Forgot your password to

If you don't have a Swedish personal identity number yet and want a LiU ID, visit the Student Service Desk.

Tip: Swedish society is run smoothly and efficiently via its civic registration system, organising a Swedish personal identity number for yourself is highly recommended for making your new life here easier: learn more about it from the Swedish Tax Agency - Skatteverket)

Studying via distance?

Check your address. Log in to the Student Portal using your temporary LiU ID and change your address and phone number if necessary.

2. Go to your programme’s roll call

It's mandatory. Find out the date of your roll call on your programme specific admitted page

3. Register

Log in to the Student Portal and register for the programme and courses you want to take. 
Fill in your address: Make sure to fill in your Swedish address at the Student Portal to be able to borrow books from the library.

4. Pick up your LiU ID and LiU Card

Pick up your LiU Card at the Student Service Desk one day after you have registered*. The card will be marked with a valid thru date. Collect your LiU ID at a Student Service Desk at the same time as you collect the card. You will need to activate your account and set a password; follow the instructions provided

Studying via distance?
Send an e-mail to with your name, civic registration number, full address and your phone number. When we have received your e-mail an activation key and further instructions are sent by registered mail. The activation key gives you access to your regular LiU ID.

Have you studied at Linköping University before?
If you already have an active LiU ID, you don't have to create a temporary LiU ID, you just have to register for the programme/courses in the Student portal. If you have a limited LiU ID (alumni) or if your old LiU ID no longer works (if it has expired or been deleted), you should create a new one by following the instructions above. If you don't know if your LiU ID is limited, contact

What is a LiU ID and a LiU Card?

Your LiU ID and card will be with you throughout your studies, and you will update your card each semester, for more information about the  ID and card, please check out

* Note: At the earliest, you can pick up your LiU ID and LiU Card:
a. If you registered on a weekday before 19.00: the following day
b. If you registered on a weekday after 19.00, or on the weekend: two days later

5. Check your LISAM account

Lisam is Linköping University's e-learning platform used by the majority of our courses. In Lisam you can find digital course rooms with information and communication about your courses. Ability to create personal collaboration rooms, personal file storage using OneDrive, e-mail and calendar and more. All study-related information will be communicated to your LiU e-mail account, which you access via LISAM.

6. Check your course timetables

Build your timetables via Student Portal, or search in the Timetable database.

7. Present original documents

If you were in your final semester of bachelor studies when you applied for our master’s programme your admission is granted on the condition that you present original documents confirming the qualifications are completed. An original diploma and transcript should be presented both in the original language and translated if that was required in your application. The Admissions Office staff is located on Campus Valla, in Terra Building (take the stairs up from entrance 37). The service will be available between 27 and 31 August. Deadline for document presentation is 1 November.

8. Start using

Now you are a student at LiU you will find targeted content and support during your studies on The external website: is aimed at prospective students, sharing our research and news with the world, and hiring new employees to Linköping University.


Problems with registration, or have academic questions?

If you have trouble registering for your programme or certain courses or have other questions of academic nature, you need to contact your Faculty Coordinator, whose details are provided on your programme specific admitted page.


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