In order to be admitted to doctoral studies you must meet both general and specific requirements and have the ability to benefit from the programme.

General eligibility means that the applicant has completed higher education of at least 180 credits or the equivalent, acquired in or outside Sweden . Exceptions from the general eligibility requirement can be made if there are special reasons. (For those who met the requirements for general eligibility before July 1 2007, transitional rules apply.

The specific eligibility requirements are specified in the general study plan of each graduate programme.

The applicant's ability to benefit from the programme is judged by teachers and examiners on the graduate programme.

The graduate programmes recruit doctoral students on the basis of current research issues and research qualifications. It may be of interest that a group of new doctoral students has an interdisciplinary composition. Each research environment can thus recruit graduate students with different disciplinary backgrounds.

Admission restrictions

Only as many doctoral students as can be offered supervision and otherwise acceptable conditions of study may be admitted to doctoral studies. The Board of Educational Sciences decides on restrictions to the number of doctoral students who may be admitted in the system at any one time. The graduate programme must also have the financial conditions necessary to admit a doctoral student given that he or she must be guaranteed full funding during his or her doctoral studies.


If there are more eligible applicants than places available, a selection will be made. The teaching staff will examine and assess the applicants' previous academic achievements, including undergraduate term papers or degree projects according to the general principles set out in the Higher Education Ordinance and the specifications in the relevant study plan. A group of the strongest applicants will be identified and called to an interview. It is common for four or five applicants per position to be interviewed. The final ranking, which may include the taking of references, will indicate one or more applicants who will be offered positions.

PhD or licentiate degree?

Doctoral studies leading to a licentiate degree comprise 120 credits and to a PhD 240 credits. Halfway through a PhD programme, students may choose to take a licentiate degree. With this, they can then either leave doctoral studies or continue to take a PhD.

How to apply

Doctoral studentships are advertised on the university's website under Vacancies. Applications for admission to doctoral studies should be sent to the address given in the advertisement for a doctoral studentship. For more information, contact the graduate programme you are interested in.