Research into child culture encompasses a broad range of approaches. My research on child culture can be described as a combination and entanglement of social sciences and humanities.

My focus is on the social and cultural enactments of child culture as well as on what children themselves do (lived culture) with the visual material culture (child and adult) that is part of their everyday lives. At an institutional level my research emphasizes how child culture enacts children and childhood, and how children make sense of places like children’s museums, theme parks and amusement parks, with special attention to the part played by children’s everyday visual practices.  

Theoretically, I am experimenting with concepts such a s child culture, children's culture and “child culture multiple".


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Anna Sparrman, Tobias Samuelsson, Anne-Li Lindgren, David Cardell (2016)

Childhood , Vol.23 , s.255-271 Continue to DOI

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